Trustees of the Richmond Library
Richmond Free Public Library
2821 State Road, Richmond, MA
Trustees’ Meeting
November 14, 2019 5:00 pm

Call to order: 5:05 pm

Attendance: Kristin Smith, Candy Mountain, Kathryn Wilson, Nanci McConnell (by phone), Absent: Lisa Donfried

Approval of October minutes: approved

Correspondence: none
Old Business:

• C/W MARS/Anteris router: Kristin reports that she is still waiting on Paul Lissi to swap out the router. Phone can now work for messages. Cordless phone doesn’t work because of router.
• Richmond Cultural Council applications: both “Uke Lady” and animal program grant applications have been submitted
• Refrigerator: it is unplugged but still in place. Waiting for town crew to remove it.
• Oil tank: Danielle has spoken to Margie. Two people told Margie that the tank was okay. They put a “product” in the tank to help with sediment issue.
• Carolyn Brancato, Lively World program, Oct 26th recap – 20 people attended.
• Musician for Solstice celebration on Sat 12/21 – musician is not coming. Instead, we will use a DVD of a Yule Log with recorded music (Kathryn has DVD to loan).
• Library Holiday get-together – will be on Friday Dec 13 at 6:oo pm at Kathryn’s house. Email invite to be sent to all library staff, trustees, Friends board and volunteers.
• Mailing: Candy has put together a “postcard” for mailing to all Richmond residents. Kristin will find out how to get labels printed. Kathryn will find out about bulk rate mailing. Design to be reviewed and revisited at the December meeting.
• Action Plan – Amy at MBLC has approved the FY21 Action Plan which was submitted by Kristin.

New Business/Director Report:
• Town Wide Read – expanding on the theme of “cozy”, 15 copies (through interlibrary loan) will be available of the book “The Little Book of Hygge*” for a February read. Activities at the library during the February school vacation week will include hot cocoa, and a give-away Friends basket for raffle (to include tea/cocoa, scarf/mittens, couch throw..) *(hygge is pronounced “hoo – gah” and it is a noun and a verb!)
• Saturday, Dec 14th – author Mary Angela Talbot will be at the library – a stipend of $75 will be offered to her
• Saturday Feb 1, 2020 – Holly Freadman will be making Valentine cards at a workshop at the library. The library will pay for materials and will offer a stipend of $75
• Jan 25, 2020 – a jazz music program will be at the library as part of the Lively World series
• State Aid has been certified for next year -- $2,377.76 will be sent to us in two payments.
• Lauren from MBLC emailed Kristin in October and offered support for our building project regardless of the funding issues. Kristin asked to be kept in the loop” about the “Library in a Box” funding program which is for building projects for small towns (populations under 5K) but it is for “library-only” building projects.

Municipal Building report 
-- Kathryn reports that a Design firm has been chosen and that the Selectmen are working on a contract with them. Report on the repairs needed and expense of those repairs is due in late November.

Friends report
 -- Candy reports that she has applied to the IBM matching funds program which has changed its name to “Your Cause”.

Meeting adjourned at 6:10 pm

Next meeting: Thursday 12/12/20 at 5:00 pm at the library Minutes submitted by K. Wilson

Richmond Free Public Library
2821 State Road, Richmond, MA
Trustees’ Meeting October 3, 2019 5:00 pm

Call to order: 5:10 pm

Attendance: Lisa Donfried, Nanci McConnell, Kathryn Wilson, Kristin Smith, Candy Mountain

Approval of September 2019 meeting minutes: Approved with change
Correspondence: none

Old Business:
• CW MARS/Anteris: work in progress but are still trying to figure out the new configuration for the wifi coverage at the library
• Richmond Cultural Council applications:
o Julie “the Uke lady” is scheduled to come to the library on 10/7/2020 (tentative schedule). She will bring 20 ukes and teach participants. She is applying directly to the RCC for funding and Kristin added a letter of support to her application. Cost for the program: $300 plus mileage.
o Kristin also applied to RCC for the Animal Program (schedule for July 11, 2020) from Lahey Farms (Nature Matters). Cost: $200
• Kristin will check with musician Linda Wooster to see if she would play guitar at the Dec 21, 2019 Winter Solstice library event.
• State Aid: ARIS application has been sent
• Refrigerator: Danielle has asked that we get written confirmation from Margie for permission to get rid of frig. Kristin to send a letter to Danielle requesting removal by town employees ASAP. • Carolyn Brancato, author, to read from her book “The Circus Pig and the Kaiser: A Novel” as part of the Lively World series on Sat. Oct. 26th at 11:00 am. • Genealogy classes were cancelled as only 1 or 2 people had signed up for each session.

New Business and Director’s Report:
• Voter registration: discussion about possibility of running a voter registration clinic in fall 2020. We will contact Angela at town hall for rules about this.
• Furnace cleaning: when furnace was cleaned last month, the technician questioned the condition/integrity of the oil tank because of its age and the “sludge” at the bottom of the tank. He said that it could possibly leak, rupture or sludge cause the furnace to shut off. Margie had Mike North (who had installed the new furnace) to inspect the old tank. Kristin and Kathryn spoke to Danielle to fill her in on all and she will contact Margie to find out what Mike found. Worries include no heat, leak of tank causing haz/mat spill and possible contamination of water well.
• We will look at the strategic plan at the November meeting.
• Candy’s Postcard mailer – proposed size is 8.5” x 5.5”, designed to be cut into two bookmarks, with information about programs at library and contact information. Candy will look into cost of bulk rate mailing and get address labels from the town.
• Discussion of Lisa’s tenure on the Trustee Board. After 14+ years as a trustee, Lisa has expressed an interest in stepping down if a new Trustee could be found. She would have to resign in order for new trustee to be appointed but maybe could stay in place until the next person is appointed to fill the vacancy. Kathryn will contact Danielle in order to find out process of replacing a trustee and what steps are next.

Municipal Building Report: Kathryn reported on progress of committee (OPM hired, ad going out to hire Design Firm, plan to have design ready in April for May meeting vote). The next MBC meeting will be on Oct 24 at 5:30 at the library. All are invited.

Next Trustee meeting: November 14, 2019 at 5:00 pm at the Richmond Library
Minutes submitted by K. Wilson

Richmond Free Public Library Trustees’ Meeting
2821 State Road, Richmond
Sept. 5, 2019 5:00 pm
Call to order: 5:10 pm

Attendance: Nanci McConnell, Kathryn Wilson, Kristin Smith, Candy Mountain (Absent: Lisa Donfried)

Approval of June’s minutes: approved

Correspondence: None

Old Business/Director’s Report (Kristin):
• Summer Reading program: 26 kids signed up, 9 completed program, Candy giving out certificates.
• Animal Experience (July 6th): 55 attendees, program well received
• ARIS contract: Lisa has signed new contract with ARIS
• Future Staffing: Deborah is possibly leaving next summer but could stay on as an on-call substitute. Monique is still on-call as a substitute too. Candy wants the same number of hours next year. Kristin and Lucy could both take more hours. Peter is still on staff too.
• Winter meeting dates: in the past, some meetings were canceled during the winter months. After some discussion and considering that there will be a lot of business as the Building Committee makes progress, it was decided to meet in all 12 months in the coming year. Trustees who are out of town could phone in if necessary. Meetings on certain months may be shifted or canceled if needed.
• Book Home Bound Delivery: a few people have come in to volunteer to drive for this service, but no one has asked yet for the service to be delivered to their house.
• Refrigerator: the old refrigerator in the back room is no longer used because of unclean (mouse droppings inside!) and mold, but it cannot be unplugged because it is too heavy for staff to move to reach the plug. It also uses a lot of electricity because of its age and the town pays that bill. Landlord Margie Baldwin can get a rebate from Eversource for $100 by the end of Sept (or $75 if later than that) if she unplugs and removes this energy waster. She is the only one who can get the rebate (which could be used to dispose of the unit) as she is the property owner and it is only given to homeowners. She would have to remove it and have it put in front of her house to qualify for rebate. No replacement refrigerator will be purchased as we have a mini-fridge already.
• This winter, we should send out a postcard (featuring side-by-side bookmarks?) to advertise the library’s services and new contact information. Candy and Kathryn to work on this.
• Lively World event: author Carolyn Brancato (The Circus Pig and the Kaiser) will be at the library on Sat Oct 26 at 11:00 am
• Genealogy workshops (with Alan Horbal) are scheduled to start next week to run on Thursdays from 4-6 pm. They may need to be cancelled if more patrons don’t sign up. Only two signed up so far.
• Richmond Cultural Council events applications are due by Oct 15th.
Municipal Building Committee: (Kathryn reporting) – OPM (Owner’s Project Manager) has been chosen and Selectmen/Town Administrator are working on a contract. The firm P3 (has worked on many library projects in western Mass including Monterey) will help guide us through selection of Design firm to get us to next May’s town meeting with designs/costs for vote on funding. Next MBC meeting is on Tues Sept 17th at 5:30 library. All are encouraged to attend.
Friends report (Candy):
The next Friend’s sponsored raffle basket will be “Local”/”Berkshire made” -- a previously popular basket.
It should be ready in early October with raffle ticket to be drawn by 12/15. Kathryn will put basket together.
Meeting adjourned: 6:50 pm
Next meeting: Oct 3, 2019 at 5:00 pm (Note the date change)

Richmond Library Trustees’ Meeting
June 13, 2019
Richmond Free Public Library
2821 State Road, Richmond
Call to order: 5:10 pm
Attendance: Nanci McConnell, Kathryn Wilson, Kristin Smith, Candy Mountain, Lisa Donfried
Approval of May 2019 minutes: approved
Correspondence: none
CW/MARS and Anteris: CW MARS will upgrade our Charter cable connection from the 7M/768K speed to the new Charter Spectrum 100M/10M speed. They are currently offering that package at $119.99 plus $24.99 for the static ip address*. There will also be a one-time $99 installation fee for a new modem for the higher speed. The increase would be approximately $40 more each month than the library’s current rate of $105.45, but the speed increase would be significant. The wireless services will consist of a public hotspot (LibraryPublicHotspot) and two private networks (RichmondPublic and RichmondStaff). CW MARS will be the library’s point of contact for all networking and wireless issues as well as the town’s software. Any Windows, computer issues and non-CW Mars software issues, like anti-virus or backups, would need to be reported to Anteris. *Note: a static IP address is an address that is permanently assigned to you by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and does not change even if your computer reboots. A static IP address is usually assigned to a server hosting websites, and providing email, database and FTP services.
Behavioral Policy: new policy adopted
Richmond Record: there was a nice article in the RR in the June 2019 issue. They also mentioned the upcoming Ruth Bass event on 6/29.
NEW BUSINESS: Cornelia Brook Gilder will be at the library on Saturday 6/29 at 11:00 am as part of the Lively World event series. Her topic will be on Edith Wharton’s life and writing.
Municipal Building Committee report: new Design Selection Procedures were approved by the Board of Selectmen. Work is underway to hire an Owner’s Project Manager to help us through the design and planning phase of the new building project. MBC members have been appointed to serve on a “Building Committee” for this purpose.
Director’s Report:
Third Grade Visit – 3rd graders visited the library on June 3rd (along with visits to the firehouse and other town buildings)
We have used all of the available funds for the fiscal year ending June 30st. We used for state aid funds to cover the payroll.
Friend’s Report: Candy
Annual Meeting was on Tuesday 6/11/19. New officers were :
President: Candy Mountain
Vice President: Jan Hartford
Clerk: Kathryn Wilson
Treasurer: Nanci McConnell
Member-at-large: Karel Fisher
Member-at-large: Melissa Roller
Friends voted to sponsor 4 raffle baskets for the coming year, to be paid for by the Friends, put together by the Trustees.
Meeting adjourned 6:05 pm
Next meeting: Sept. 12, 2019 (unless needed during July or August)
Minutes submitted by K . Wilson

Richmond Free Public Library
2821 State Road, Richmond
Library Trustees’ Meeting
May 9, 2019 5:00 pm

Call to order: 5:00 pm
Attendance: Kristin Smith, Nanci McConnell, Lisa Donfried, Candy Mountain, Kathryn Wilson
Approval of March’s minutes: approved
Approval of April’s minutes: approved
Correspondence: none
Old Business:
• CW/MARS and Anteris meeting – Kristin attended and Mark facilitated a meeting with CW/Mars and Anteris representatives. Anteris is the town’s technology rep and manager of the library computer server. Both service different aspects of our computer internet system. Mark will make a decision by May 15 as to who will be our repo for wired and wireless service.
• Behavioral Policy – we reviewed, modified and voted to approve a new behavioral policy for the library. It will be posted on the library’s website.
• “No guns allowed” signage: Mark advises to hold off on this until after July 1st in order to consult with the town’s legal rep.
• Tech talks by Candy: Candy has a list of programs for the next twelve months (one per month) that will help patrons with technical issues (cell phone topics, computer topics…)
New Business:
• Homebound delivery: we reviewed, modified and approved the flyer for the home bound delivery program. The program will allow home bound residents to have library materials delivered and picked up through arrangements with Kristin.
• Richmond Record: “From the Library” page in the Richmond Record discussed.
• US Census: Fr. Victor from the Marian Fathers will be at the library on T 6/11, Th 6/13, Sat 6/22, and Th 6/27 to recruit census takers to help with the 2020 census.
Municipal Building report: Kathryn report on the happenings with the MBC and Nanci reported on a conversation she had with the MBLC reps about upcoming budget issues.
Friends’ Report: Candy reported Friends Annual meeting will be held on June 11 at 3:30 pm Nancy also reported that Jeremy Rock Smith, a Richmond resident and chef at Kripalu, has revised their cookbook and has volunteered to be a speaker at the library, date TBD.
Meeting adjourned at 6:50 pm
Next meeting: June 13th at 5:00 (no scheduled meetings in July and August unless needed)

Previous Minutes

Richmond Free Public Library
Library Trustees’ Meeting
2821 State Road, Richmond, MA
April 11, 2019 5:00 pm
Call to order: 5:00 pm
Attendance: Nanci McConnell (by phone), Kathryn Wilson, Kristin Smith, Candy Mountain
Approval of March 2018 minutes: delayed until email vote
Correspondence: none
Old Business:
Lease: Kristin learned from Mark P that the lease was signed at a meeting with Selectmen the week before the planned March 27 meeting so Kathryn did not speak to Mark about this as planned.
Lively World: March 28th at 4:00 pm: 18 people attended the program with the Jennifer Trainer Thompson from Hancock Shaker Village. Discussion regarding the lower than average turnout and whether it was due to the subject matter or the time of day. Ruth Bass decides on the time of programs.
CW/MARS and Anteris meeting: Mark P suggested to Kristin that they have a meeting with both groups on April 25th to discuss which group would be tasked with maintenance and/or updates of the computer equipment at the library.
Update to Library’s patron Behavioral Policy – to be discussed at the May 2018 meeting
“No guns allowed” signage – Kristin will discuss with Mark as to what other municipal buildings are doing in regard to this proposed signage.
New Business:
“Tech Talks with Candy” : Candy is collecting topic ideas to use for monthly tech talks to be held on Thursdays at 3:00 p.m.
Municipal Building Committee Report: Kathryn reported a recap of the March MBC meeting : committee is moving forward with plan to hire an Owner’s Project Manager and pursue new building through town hiring protocols.
Director’s Report: Kristin reported:
Second State Aid payment was received. Total paid to Richmond for FY2019 was $2377.76
Idea of “home bound” delivery of library materials will be discussed in May.
Friend’s Report: Candy reported that the Friends approved money for a new chair
Meeting adjourned: 5:45 pm
Next meeting: May 9, 2019
Minutes submitted by K. Wilson
Richmond Free Public Library

Library Trustees’ Meeting
2821 State Road, Richmond, MA
March 14, 2019 5:00 pm
Call to Order: 5:06 pm
Attendance: Nanci McConnell (by phone), Kathryn Wilson, Kristin Smith, Candy Mountain, Lisa Donfried
Approval of February’s Minutes: Feb minutes approved by email
Correspondence: none
Old Business:
Lease: Mark is meeting with the Selectmen on Wed, March 27. Kathryn will speak to Mark prior to meeting to review the lease email.
Lively World: Jennifer Trainer Thompson (Hancock Shaker Village) : March 28th at 4:00 pm
CW/MARS and Anteris and shared computers: Mark and Kristin were to review this but the meeting hasn’t happened yet. This is an unresolved issue regarding which group provides service to library’s computers.
New Business:
The water test results came back on 3/5/19 – all clear.
Change in Safe Child Policy for library – Kristin wants to change this policy to specify that children between the ages of 10 and 12 may be left for specific meetings. The new wording was approved by Trustee vote. The new policy will be posted in the library and on the library’s website.
Behavior Policy: Kristin discussed examples of behavior policies from other libraries. She will email this to trustees for review. To be discussed at the May meeting.
The FY2019 budget is on target.
Municipal Building Committee Report: Kathryn gave an update from the last MBC meeting.
Director’s Report: March 2nd Spring Tonic program: this program was cancelled due to weather issues on that date. It will not be rescheduled this year.
Friends’ Basket: the date for the drawing of the “Made in the Berkshires” basket will be extended to the beginning of May.
Friends’ Report: Candy: none
Meeting adjourned: 6:10 pm
Next meeting: April 11th at 5 pm (no meetings in July and August unless needed)
Minutes submitted by K. Wilson

Richmond Free Public Library

2821 State St., Richmond, MA

Library Trustees’ Meeting

Feb. 14, 2019 5:00 pm

Call to order: 5:00 PM

Attendees: Kristin Smith, Candy Mountain, Lisa Donfried, Kathryn Wilson

Approval of Jan 2019 minutes: approved by email prior to meeting

Correspondence: FY2020 Legislative Agenda – Kristin shared paperwork from the MLS budget requests to the state legislature


• Richmond Cultural Council – Kristin still hasn’t heard why we were not funded for the March Spring Tonic program (which has been funded in previous years). 11 of the 13 funded projects are arts/music programs so maybe they don’t want to fund non-arts programs.

• Lease – Kristin shared an email from Mark Pruhenski outlining his conversation with Margie Baldwin regarding new lease. New lease will be on a year-to-year basis, have specific wording for parking allowances, and there is no rent increase. This lease will be brought to the next BOS meeting for approval.

• MLS video – Kristin, Candy and Kathryn wrote/produced a 5 minute video for the MLS consultants to use at their workshops for libraries working on their new Strategic Plan. The video was filmed and sent via email to MLS with permission for it to be used at the workshops and linked to their website as an excellent example of a small town Strategic Plan.

• Richmond Library Budget: FY2020 budget submitted to the town is with an increase of 2.16% from FY2019.

• Friends Basket: Kathryn made a new “Made in the Berkshires” basket for the Winter Raffle. The Friends paid for this basket (expenses: $80) to be raffled at the end of March.


Library Legislative Breakfast: Kathryn attended this breakfast in January in Williamstown. Budget requested to the state include an increase from FY 2019 for the category “State Aid to Regional Libraries” (now down 41% from highest funding) and an increase from FY2019 budget to category Library Technology & Resource Sharing” (now down 36% from high). The MBLC is seeking a new $250M bond authorization to support the Construction Program and an increase in its annual budget cap from $20M to $25M. Without the $250M bond, the construction projects that are currently on

the MPLCP waitlist will not be funded. Without the raise in annual cap, the last project on the waiting list will be funded in 2028, completed in 2033. $400M has been spent on the Construction Grant program since it started in 1987. Although dates have not been announced and future of program is somewhat uncertain, approximately 40 libraries plan to apply for Construction Grants in the next round!

Director’s Report:

• Kristin gave information that was learned at the Department Head Meeting with Mark Pruhenski. Decision was made to delay printing the planned brochure for the library as Kristin said that Mark suggested that nothing new be printed at this time because all town offices (including the library) may get new phone numbers in the near future.

• CW/MARS and Anteris and shared computers: CW/MARS has offered some service plans included in our membership. Kristin is choosing the “middle” support choice – CW/MARS will set up the wireless and network for the building, provide tech support, and maintain any non CW/MARS software issues including Windows, anti-virus or back-up.

• Upcoming program: Lively World event: Hancock Shaker Village Director Jennifer Trainor Thompson, author of a seafood cookbook, will be a guest speaker on March 28th t 4:00 pm

Friends’ Report:

• Candy reports that paperwork has been taken to the accountant for tax review and annual audit

• The Friends bought two printers – one B/W for patron use and one color printer for the office

Meeting adjourned: 6:05 pm

NEXT MEETING: March 14th at 5:00 pm

Minutes submitted by K. Wilson

Richmond Free Public Library

2821 State St., Richmond, MA

Library Trustees’ Meeting

January 10, 2019  5:00 pm

Call to order: 5:00 pm

Attendees: Kristin Smith, Candy Mountain, Kathryn Wilson, Nanci McConnell (by phone) 

December 2018 minutes: approved with changes           

Correspondence: Berkshire Library Legislative Breakfast invitation.  Kathryn will attend this breakfast on January 25, 2019 at Williams College Library.  Friends made a donation of $25 to this event.

Old Business: 

  1.  Cultural Council grant request for Spring Tonic program was denied.  Kristin will double check with the council to see what happened, but the event will go on as scheduled with other available funds.  It was very well received last year.

  2. “Brochure” for library: Kristin brought a sample mailer to show her idea of appropriate size and paper stock.  Kathryn will check into cost of printing.  This postcard style brochure could be part of the publicity plan outlined in our long-range plan.  It could be styled as 2 side-by-side bookmarks listing library offerings info.

  3. Trivia night: revisit this topic at a later date for spring event

  4. Other program ideas: Nanci reports that the chef from Kripalu is a Richmond resident, has a new cookbook, and would like to do a food demo/book signing at the library, maybe in May 2019.

  5. Furnace: Candy and Kristin report that the new furnace installation is complete.  Their opinions are that the air is “better”, now without the former “oily” smell, and also that the non-fiction room doesn’t feel as cold in the winter as it did before. 

New Business:

  1. New phone system was installed and Candy has left a updated outgoing message.  The new phones were needed as the old phone’s message could no longer be changed and library hours had changed!  It was paid for out of the Appropriated account (town expense acct).  Also purchased from that account: a portable microphone to be used for events.

Director’s Report:

  1. Budget to be submitted to town for approval: the minimum amount to request from the town in order to remain certified (and eligible for state funds) is $58,532.  The actual cost to run the library is about $63,000.  Trustees agreed to request the amount of last year’s budget plus an increase of 3% suggested salary increases, and including the adjustment to the budget’s 20% amount state requirement for materials.  The budget submitted to the town on Feb. 1, 2019 will be $59,240.

  2. Michelle Eberle, MBLIS Consultant who advised us on our long-range plan, emailed to say that MBLC staff has identified our long-range plan as an example of a high-quality plan and who like us to allow it to be used as one of three examples from various sized towns for training workshops!  They have asked us to send a short (5 min) video to introduce Richmond library and share tips on our successful plan.  Kristin will let Michelle know that we will participate and will ask Peter Cohen if he is interested in helping with the video.  MBLC suggests filming it on a phone and sending it (by 2/11) via Drop Box to be shown at six MBLC workshop locations between 2/28-4/5/19.  The video may also be posted to the MLS Vimeo site for workshop resource guides.  Congratulations to Kristin and Candy for their excellent plan and this recognition!

Municipal Building Committee report: Kathryn reported on Jan 8th meeting and progress of the MBC.  The next MBC meeting will be on Tuesday Feb. 12th at 5:30 pm at library.  All trustees are encouraged to attend.

Friends’ Report:

  1. Friends have approved $1000 for new printers for the library.  Black/white printer has been bought for patron computer use.  Candy will purchase a color laser printer for the office use.  Extra toner for both has also been purchased.

  2. Friends have approved $75-$100 for “raffle” basket for the spring.  Kathryn has agreed to make another “Made in the Berkshires” basket.

Asst Director’s Report: Candy’s cousin gave her lots of Richmond History info which Candy has added to the History Section.  Candy also added some RCS class photos from the 70’s through current years.  She will ask the public to help identify kids and teacher names in the photos.

Meeting adjourned: 6:15 pm

Next meeting: Thurs Feb 14, 2019 at 5:00 pm

Richmond Free Public Library Library

Trustees’ Meeting December 13, 2018 

Call to order: 5:05 pm

Attendance: Lisa Donfried, Kathryn Wilson, Nanci McConnell (by phone), Kristin Smith, Candy Mountain

Correspondence: none

OLD BUSINESS: Aromatherapy workshop on Nov 10, 2018:  18 people attended, well received

Library building lease: Kristin spoke to Mark Pruhenski. He will add language on parking requirements to lease.  Kristin didn’t know the length of the new lease.  New furnace installation has been completed.

Safety update: Kristin requested information from Mark regarding state requirements for safety equipment in municipal buildings.  He said that the MA law applies only to schools at this point.  He will investigate for funding and any upcoming laws requiring town buildings to have AEDs and tourniquet kits.  Narcon is also currently NOT required for town buildings.

Proposed Trivia night for 2019: no news
Library Brochure or postcard: no news


Raffle Basket: Kristin would like Kathryn to put together popular “Made in the Berkshires” themed basket again for free raffle for patrons.  Kristin will look into money from the Friends for this.  Kathryn agreed to put basket together in early 2019.

Director’s report:  Kristin attended a Director’s Roundtable meeting on 12/4 at the Pittsfield Library.  CWMars policy was discussed.  A press release/email came from MBLC saying that they were seeking $250M in state funding to fund projects currently on the waiting list and future projects.  If they don’t get this additional funding and are only funded at current levels, then the current waiting list projects will be paid out ending in 2033!  No word on new applications for planning or construction grants. Solstice Celebration will be held at the library all day on Thursday 12/20 with refreshments served.   

Municipal Building Committee report: last meeting was held on 11/27/18.  Builder Chris May presented a proposal for concept and funding private funding ideas.  Committee will investigate, and Chris May will come back with cost estimates. Kathryn and Kristin will look at library space to propose walls, etc. to pass on to Chris.  The next MBC meeting will be held at the library on 1/8 at 5:30 pm.  

Friends Report: none

Adjourned: 6:02 pm

Next meeting: Jan 10, 2019 at 5:00 pm    

Minutes submitted by K. Wilson

New Meeting Information

Richmond Free Public Library

(2821 State Rd)

Trustees’ Meeting

November 14, 2019

5:00 pm

Call to Order:


Approval of October’s minutes:


Old business:

C/W MARS/Anteris/router

            Richmond Cultural Council applications

            Refrigerator/oil tank

            Carolyn Brancato, Lively World, Oct. 26 - recap

            Musician for Solstice – not interested in this type of event

            Holiday get together


            Action Plan - submitted

New business/Director Report

Town Wide Read

Saturday, December 14th – Mary Angela Talbot  – stipend

Saturday, February 1, 2020 – Holly Freadman, Valentine card making


Municipal Building report:


Friend’s report:


Meeting adjourned:                                             


Next meeting:


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