OverDrive Digital Catalog 

A How To Guide on Borrowing eBooks and Audio Books with your Android Smartphone, Tablet or iOS. 

1.  Installing the App

 - In your App Store search for "OverDrive Media Console".

 - Tap Install, then Accept and Download

 - The first time you open the app, you will be prompted to register the device you're using with Adobe by making a free Adobe ID.  Follow the on screen prompts on the Adobe website to make your ID.  

2. Configure the App

 - Once the ID has been made, return to OverDrive and tap "Get Books".  At the very bottom of the App is a menu, tap "Settings" and input your Adobe ID and password, then tap Authorize.

 - Return to the menu and tap "Get Books" again

 - Tap "Add a Library" where you can search for you library by name, town, or zip code.  Choose your library from the list of results.

 - If you tap the star next to your library name, it will Favorite and be in your menu so you don't have to search for it every time.  It will say "C/W Mars".

3.  Check out a Book

 - Tap "C/W Mars" icon in your Get Books menu.

Note: When you visit the digital catalog on your Android, you will only see titles that can be accessed through Android compatible apps.  If you have an iOS or Tablet, you will only see titles compatible for them.  The OverDrive Media Console can open ePub eBooks and all audio files.

 - Search for a title you wish to borrow.  You can browse, or use Search/Advanced Search.

 - To check out a title that is available, tap "Add to Cart".  If the title is not available, tap "Place a Hold" to add it to your hold list, email address required.

 - Proceed to check out when ready, log in with your C/W Mars Library Card.

 - Then tap "Download" and the title will be sent to your app. 


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