The Library offers several different state of the art electronics for personal use.  If able to be checked out, they cannot be renewed and do require prompt returning.  For every open library day that the device is over due, the patron will be charged 5.00$.  The devices we have for use are as follows:

The Library has an Amazon Kindle Fire.  The Kindle Fire can read .pdf files, and .mobi files (.mobi files are standard to any kindle).  You can borrow books off the library's electronic catalog or connect the kindle through it's USB to your own home computer or laptop to put your own books on it's harddrive. Please remember to remove any books or media you place on the kindle before returning it to the library.  DO NOT BUY APPS OR BOOKS FROM THE AMAZON WEBSITE WHILE ON THE LIBRARY'S KINDLE. 

The Library also has an Apple iPad 3.5.  This device is not currently available for check out but can be used at the library by patrons who are curious as to how it works.  The iPad can play movies, music and even read books (on an app called iBooks which reads .pdf and .epub and .mobi.) DO NOT BUY APPS, BOOKS OR MUSIC FROM THE APP STORE WHILE ON THE LIBRARY'S iPAD. 

 In addition to the other devices, the Library also has a Barnes & Noble Nook Color Tablet.  The nook can play limited amounts of games as well as read files of .pdf and .epub (the standard format for any Nook.)  The nook will not read .mobi files (just as a Kindle will not read .epub files). You can borrow from the CWMARS catalog or connect your personal computer to the nook through USB to place your own books.  Please remember to delete any information you may put on the nook before returning it to the library.  DO NOT BUY ANY APPS OR BOOKS FROM THE B&N WEBSTORE ON THE LIBRARY'S NOOK.

The Library also owns a personal DVD player.  This unit only plays DVDs from Region 1.  The DVD player will play any DVD from our library, as well as any dvd you may own at home.  Please make sure to check that any personal DVDs do not get left in the player when you return it. 

While using any electronic device (also including laptops not mentioned on this page), it is important to remember not to leave them in a car.  Especially during very hot or very cold months.  This can melt the circuitry inside them and render them broken and unable to be fixed by any Library employee.  Any lost or broken devices to the library will result in the patron being charged for their replacement or repair. Please be nice to our electronics!


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